Corona virus

The effect from the corona virus at the Balikbayan box services

It are difficult times for everybody since governments has take precausions due to the COVID-19 (corona-virus).
Specially countries and cities with a full lockdown where people are not allowed  to leave the houses, like many cities in the Philippines. People often have small house and many childeren at home which causes difficult circumstances. More then before, they are looking forward to the pasalubong. 
Although the movements in different areas in Europe are limited we continue the delivery and pick-up from boxes, as long we are allowed by the local governments. Our Philippine agents continue deliveries where possible.

♥♥ To all customers, we ask you to have everything ready at the time of pick-up. ♥♥

  • Boxes fully taped, closed and address labels fixed at the long side of the box.
  • The shippingform completely filled up with addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail from the sender and signature.
  • In case of cash money, please keep it on top of the box otherwise you can pay by card (Bancontact, Ideal and VPay)
  • The box(es) as close as possible to the front door or in the garage.
  • At any time possible, keep 2 meter distance to the agent.

Western Europe

Belgium: Free travel.
Holland: Free travel.
Germany: Free travel.


The Duterte administration has chosen for a partial Lockdown of the country. Additional precautions are taken by governors and city majors. On top of that the precautions are tighten at any moment by any of them. 

Because of changing regulations, we cannot provide you reliable information about which areas the deliveries can be done or not. 

For those customers where delivery is not possible at this moment, the box(es) will be stored safely in the secured warehouse from our main agents.

Sea transport Rotterdam - Manila/Cebu

Since early 2020 China went in full Lockdown and factories were close, container vessels from China to Europe were almost empty. To cut costs, many shipping lines decided to reduce their sailing vessels by large numbers. 

Since the output in Europe is still higher than in China, there is a large shortage of vessel-space to Asia. Shippinglines breached their contracts and increased the container prices since March from Europe to Asia sometimes with more than 350%.

The increase from the container prices results in an additional charge of estimated €1600 per 40FT container as well a longer sailing time from the vessels. While we were used to 34 days, now vessels take 40 till 54 days.