Emigration container

Emigration container


Emigration shipments are DIFFERENT from balikbayan boxes shipments and have different customs procedures in the Philippines. We are specialized in this business and have a proven track record (references).
No hassle and worries about our your household. We ship it door-to-door for a fixed price. 

Be aware
Most moving companies offer cheap prices but don't include customs charges and will charge these costs additionally to the sender.
Most box forwarders ship emigration containers as balikbayan boxes, which doesn't comply the Philippine law. The consequences might be additional customs charged and a fine for wrong procedure  and delay at customs handling.
Therfore choose for a fast and safe door-to-door container shipment, by LVM Cargo. 

Between Europe and Philippines the shippingline only offer 20ft and 40ft containers. For more information regarding re-emigrations, please contact +31 6517 99 071 - Wim