Ship large products

Ship large products

Do you want to ship goods door to door to the Philippines but it doesn't fit in our boxes?

LVM Cargo has the answer to your need. Everything we ship to the Philippines, we ship it in our own containers. We deliver it door to door, all over the Philippines.  

All the containers that leave our warehouse are sealed by us with an international certified seal.


LVM Cargo also handles goods with different sizes that doesn't fit our box, with regards to the regulations of the Philippine customs. All goods that are not probited can be handles by us. See our terms and conditions for the actual items which are prohibited.
Large goods are charged by cubic meter price. For more information regarding these charges, please contact Wim +31 6517 99 071


LVM Cargo offers a crating service for all fragile goods. Our crates are professionally constructed and guaranteed.
Large goods to Visayas and Mindanao have to be crated on demand of the domestic freight shippinglines. For more information regarding crating, please contact Wim +31 6517 99 071