Free balikbayan boxes to win



Work for a free box                    

Valid May 1, 2016 until ongoing
Promo Get free boxes: Small, Medium and Large size
Requirements    Bring in customers that didn't ship with LVM Cargo for at least 2 year.The new customer has to ship at least one or more boxes with LVM Cargo. We accept also boxes with different size from other companies. For every 3 new customers you receive a small box, for every 6 new customers a medium box and every 9 new customers a Large box. There is no limitation how many boxes you can win. The free boxes that we give, apply the same services as paid boxes. In case the container is full, a free box can be transfered to the next shipment. For all boxes that we ship, our terms and conditions apply.  
How it works

Once you have reached the 3, 6 or 9 new customers, claim your free box by e-mail and provide us the names from your new customers as well, when they shipped their boxes.



Save for a free box                    

Valid Any time
Promo Ship more LVM Cargo boxes and save faster for free boxes


Any LVM Cargo customer can save for this promo. When you ship your LVM Cargo box with us, you receive for every €10 a seal. The more you ship, the more seals you get. This promo applies to boxes from LVM Cargo. Special items or non LVM Cargo boxes are not elligible for this promo.

How it works After you have filled up 1 page (35 deals), 2 pages (70 seals) or 3 pages (100 seals) you can claim your free box at our agent.