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Frequenty asked Questions

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 Packing your box

Why LVM Cargo includes free security tape?
What makes the cartons from LVM Cargo unique from others?
What can I do to secure the delivery of my boxes?
How can I protect my breakable products?
How can I get extra protection for my box?
My goods doesn't fit the box, what can I do??
My box is ready for pick-up, what now?

Shipping a box

How long does it takes before my box is delivered?
Why some small forwarders can ship every few weeks balikbayan boxes?
How do I know if a forwarder is reliable?

Delivery questions

Why my box is not loaded at the shipment?
In which priority boxes will be loaded into the container?
I think something is missing from my box, what should i do?


Why LVM Cargo includes free security tape?

To keep up the highest service, LVM cargo includes security tape at no charge with every box. 

This security tape is a very strong PVC tape, printed with our own logo. It gives a fully loaded box more strength and protect it from the rain. We advice to fully tape the box. The personalized tape is not only a protection for rain but also to avoid thefting.

Because our tape is not available in the Philippines, damage and thefting will be visable because broken boxes can't be taped again with our securitytape.

Boxes taped with regular tape, can be easily retaped without notification, while regular tape is available everywhere.


How long does it takes before my box is delivered?

The time that the box is delivered at its destination may vary due to different circumstances. To avoid dissapointed receivers when a commited delivery day is not achieved, LVM Cargo won't commit or communicate a delivery date from the boxes. Although, in normal situation there is an estimated shipping time. For details regarding shippingtime and estimated arrivaldates click here.


What makes the cartons from LVM Cargo unique from others?

To give our customers a true reliability of products, LVM Cargo has choosen the highest quality for her boxes. 
We designed the boxes ourselves and have contracted German and Dutch factories for production of the boxes, to keep up the highest quality.
  • All our boxes have a double bottom (fully overlapping flaps), to give the bottom of the box maximum strength.
  • A special fiber in the carton give the boxes even more strength.
  • All boxes are printed with our contact information.

Read to more about our carton


What should I do when my box is ready for pick-up?

When your box is ready for pick-up, request the pick-up by our website, so we can schedule the pick-up of your box. The later your box is ready for pick-up, the bigger the chance your box might not fit the first loaded container. In case the container is fully booked, your box will be automaticly shipped with the next container. Our track and trace information keeps you always up to date about the status of your box.

Verify that the box is fully taped and the shippingform is filled up completely. See also the packing tips.


Why some small forwarders can ship every few weeks boxes?

In the cargo forwarding business are 3 ways to ship Balikbayan boxes.

The first way is co-loading: Many "forwarders" in Holland and Belgium prefer to do co-loading. Co-loading is usefull if a "forwarder" can't get enough boxes to ship own containers or when they are not a registered forwarder. To be sure if your forwarder is reliable, click here.

The second way, a forwarder ship their own containers, called in business terms FCL (FCL = Full Container Load). This is by far thew safest way. LVM Cargo only ships in this way. 

The third way is when a forwarder send boxes by a collecting container, in business terms LCL (LCL = Less than Container Load). The forwarder will drop all the collected boxes at a collectingpoint mostly at the Rotterdam habor, same as other people. This way of shipping is a big risk for losses. Additionally customs charges in the Philippines will apply.These forwarders are NOT advisable!


Our advice:

To be sure your forwarder is shipping FCL, you can request them a copy from the Bill of Lading (BL), which shows also who is the real cargo-forwarder.


How do I know if a forwarder is reliable?

By the Dutch law, every company should be registered at the CoC/KvK (Chamber of Commerce/Kamer van Koophandel). The COC registration number should be published at their website. In Holland there are forwarders not registered (as a forwarder) at the CoC. These forwarders often operate much cheaper. But their services are often poor and unreliable. Boxes might get lost or get seriously damaged while they are not available when it comes to claims. This is a big risk for a safe transport of precious goods. 

Additionally, it's important the a balikbayan box forwarder is registered at the DTI (Philippine Department of Trade and Industry)

If you want to verify your forwarder ask for a copy from: their COC registration and a copy from the Bill of Lading from the last shipment.

Our advice:

Do not to ship your valuable goods with forwarders that are not registered at the COC/KvK and wel the DTI. To verify if a forwarder is registered as a company, visit and the DTI


What can I do to secure the delivery of my boxes?

Carton is a material that gets weak when it's wet. Therefor rain is a big enemy of the balikbayan box. Once a box is caught by the rain it loses its strength and all valuables might get on the street. In most cases this is the end of the delivery. To keep your box protected from the rain, we advise you to fully tape the box with our security tape.

Deviated boxes, so called pregnant boxes have lost the strength of the carton because it is reshaped. Once loaded into the container, the boxes will be stacked on top of each other. This is the moment that content of pregnant boxes might damage, as well breakables inside the box. To avoid damage, keep the box in its original shape.

The boxes from LVM Cargo are extremely strong. Nevertheless, the boxes are still from carton and don't have the strength of wood. To avoid that the box will break due to overweight, we have an advisable weight for our boxes. Click for more details about advisable weight. 

For a reliable and uncomplicated delivery from the boxes at the Philippine destination, complete and clear receiver information at the box as well shippingform is important.

Fill up the shippingform complete with clear handwriting.

Label the box at 4 sides with plain white paper written or printed with the complete full name, address AND phone number of the sender and receiver. Cover the label with transparent tape or a plastic sheet to avoid damage. Don't write the address straight at the box with a permanent marker while the ink of the permanent marker won't remain at any tape.


How can I protect my breakable products?

For big breakable products, LVM Cargo offers our crating services. If your product is breakable and doesn't fit one of our boxes, you can request us to build a wooden crate avoiding damage during transport. An additional charge applies.


How can I get extra protection for my box?

By taping your box fully with our security tape, your box gains much strength. In some cases, this might not be enough for you. In these cases, you can apply our strapping service. We can strap your box which gives more strength and protection to your box. An additional charge applies.


How can I ship goods that doesn't fit the box?

LVM Cargo ship only FCL and therefor can decide what can be shipped, taking into account the Philippine law regarding balikbayan boxes. In case your product doesn't fit the box, request us the possibility to ship your products at what price. We charge large products by cubic meter. Common products, as bike, strawler, wheelchair LCD-TV and Ikea packages have reduced rates.


Why my box is not loaded at the shipment?

We order our container 1 week in advance of the loading date. That time we have about 60% of all the expected boxes. During the week we schedule the routes to pick up the last boxes. It always happens that there are many last minute pick-ups at these scheduled routes.

At the loading day we experience how many boxes fit into the container. This always varies because different box sizes (4 sizes from us, co-loaders and competitors), pregnant boxes as special sized packages.

It happens that not all boxes fit into the container. Those boxes who doesn't fit in the container will be laoded in at the next shipment.

Read more how we prioritize the loading.


In which priority boxes will be loaded into the container?

All items will be loaded in a certain priority. This way is most fair for all customers.
If not all items/boxes fit into the container, the leftover items will be loaded into the next shipment.

Loading order:

  1. Items left from the previous shipment will be first loaded.
  2. Priority items are loaded next
  3. After that, items picked up first will be loaded first. This only applies to customers who request the delivery and pick-up by the website. Boxes not requested by the website will be loaded randomly.
  4. Third, free boxes, like "tombola boxes"and boxes from a full saving card will be loaded
  5. Last pregnant (deviated) boxes will be loaded

Preganant boxes are loaded last because they takes extra space which reduce the space for proper boxes.


I think something is missing from my box, what should i do?

When you think something is missing from your box, consult our terms and conditions.
Be sure that nobody from the receivers took out something from the box without informing the owner.
It also happens that customers bought more than what fitted into the box, and there for it was not loaded. After 3 months most people don't memorize exactly what they laoded
LVM Cargo has never lost a box so far as well never something is lost from inside our boxes. To minimize these issues, boxes should be taped fully with only LVM Cargo security tape.


What do I need to pay when I want to ship a box?

The price at our website is an all in price. This includes the door to door service, the carton and tape.
We don't have additional charges for boxes or tape.
We only request an advanced payment (deposit) from €10 per box, at the time your empty box is delivered.
The rest of the payment can be done before or at the time the box will be picked up.



In which way I can pay?

In Holland, customers can pay with pin (Maestro), creditcard (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) and cash at the moment the box is delivered or picked-up.

In Belgium and Germany, customers can pay cash at the moment the box is delivered or picked-up or bank transfer 2 days in advance of the appointment for the box is delivered or picked-up.

Currently our provider for electronic payment doesn't support Belgium and Germany yet. As soon Belgium and/or Germany are supported, we will include it in our electronic payement.


Can I get the back the VAT/BTW?

The prices at our services are free from VAT?BTW. Because LVM Cargo doesn't charge you VAT/BTW you can't get back anything.
Read more about it at the website from the EU.


I want to receive an invoice.

All our customers receive an yellow copy of the shippingform. This is the proof of shipment as well your invoice.
In case the person who pick-up your box(es) forget to declare the total paid amount, remind them to do so at the yellow copy as wll to sign it with name and signature.
Customers who pay by pin or creditcard, will automaticly receive an invoice by e-mail.