Packing tips

Important packing information

  1. Fully tape the bottom and side part of the box with the provided tape, before you start packing.
  2. Packing the box; We have adviced weights for insurance. Keep the weight reasonable.
  3. Deviated boxes, so called pregnant boxes have a bigger chance for damage. When this is seen upon pick-up you will be informed about what might happen.
  4. While packing, fill up your shipping form. Don't use brands or other indications that shows the value.
  5. It is advisable that bottles with fluids will be sealed well, to avoid leaking.
  6. Don't leave empty spaces in the box because your box might break during loading at the container (4 levels high).
  7. When taping the box, only use the provided LVM Cargo tape. Don't use ductape (rubber tape) at the outside of the box because this will loosen when boxes are slided over the floor and on top of each other.
  8. When you finished taping te box, finish the Bill of Loading (shipping form) completely. Don’t fill up the Proof of Delivery at the bottom of the form.
  9. The best way to mark the box is:
    a) Fill up the provided sticker forms. 
    b) Put the stickers on the 2 long sides of the box. DO NOT put them at the top or bottom of the box!
    c) The addresses and phone numbers should be the same as written on the shipping form.
  10. Now the box is ready for transport.


  • You can choose to deliver the box(es) at an address of LVM Cargo. This gives you an extra discount; for the 1st box a €5 discount and €2,50 for every following box.
  • If the box has to be picked up, contact us in time by email or phone. Also inform us if we need to bring new boxes, about the quantity and size.
  • We will contact you a few days in advance for the date of collecting your box.
  • When the driver will collect your box(es), be aware that the box is placed at ground floor or at elevator floor
Please also read our Terms and conditions