The Philippine bureau of customs (BOC) have changed the rules for sending balikbayan boxes.

The BOC will implement soon the new rules for sending Balikbayan boxes. Everybody can still ship balikbayan boxes but not everybody can avail for the Balikbayan box priviledge.

As soon the BOC has released the final rules, we will start operating by the new rules and inform you about it. 

There are 2 ways to send balikbayan boxes:
- de minimis (everybody)
- Balikbayan box privilege (only Qualified Filipinos)

For everybody who send boxes, the rules as below will apply.

The customs information sheet should be printed or written in clear handwriting (all capitals) or typing. Incomplete or wrong filled up documents might result that the BOC will hold the involved boxes.

Beside the customs documents an LVM Cargo shippingform is still required.

- For every box 3 customs information sheets; 1 for you, 1 inside the box on top and 1 for LVM cargo
In case of copies/xerox, the original is for LVM Cargo
- New products above €40 should have a purchasing receipt
- Names and addresses at the box(es) and Customs information sheets should be FULLY consistent.

de Minimis:

For everybody
- The maximum value from all items in 1 shipment is below PhP 10.000 equal to €165
- Every box should have 3 copies from the customs information sheet, fully filled up.
- No passport copy is required.
- A shipment above PhP10.000 is automaticly considered as a Balikbayan box priviledge

Balikbayan box priviledge

- Only qualified OFW can send duty/tax free balikbayan boxes
- Allowed to ship only 3 times a year
- Maximum value of all items PhP 150.000 per year
- Can only ship to family until the 4th degree
- No commercial quantities allowed (Max. 1 dozen of a kind)
- A shipment above PhP10.000 is automaticly considered as an avail for tax- and dutyfree.
- In each shipment all the documents below needs to be provided:
3 copies of the customs information sheet per box
Each shipment, holds 1 copy from any document containing the Filipino's citizenship, Full name, Date of birth and place of birth (Sender), available at the Philippine embassy and consulate including
A copy of the picturepage from the Philippine passport OR
If dual citizenship: a copy from the local passport AND a copy of proof of dual citizenship; OR
A local permanent resident ID; OR
Overseas employement Certificate (OEC)  / OWWA card; OR
Work permit; OR
Unified government ID, issued by the Dept. of Labor and Employment (DOLE); OR
A philippine government issued ID which presents the Filipino Citizenship AND foreign government issued ID that shows the Full name, Date of brith, place of birth and Philippine citizenship.
If newly bought items are in the box with a value above €40, a copy from the purchase receipt is required. 

Click here to open the customs declaration form.
Click here to open the manual for the customs declaration form.

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